AMATI was inspired by Brisbane single-Mum, Juliana Mendoza, who desired to create a better tomorrow for her six-year-old son, Milano.

The joyful spirit of AMATI can be found in Juliana's mindfully-curated jewellery and accessories.

Juliana had dreamers and creatives in mind when she designed these cool and simple pieces. 

The AMATI line is made with LOVE, is durable, modern and can be worn all day and night.

AMATI feels comfortable and sensual and, most importantly, was designed to create JOY in its wearer.

The AMATI essence lies in its commitment to celebrating and cultivating your JOYful heart.

When you feel immense JOY, touch the jewellery. This will anchor JOY to your AMATI piece.

When you are experiencing stress and anxiety, also touch the jewellery. This will help bring you back to JOY.

Juliana's mission is for AMATI wearers to always choose JOY, even during challenging times - something she lovingly reminds Milano of every day.

AMATI is designed to elevate your spirit - while making you feel and look beautiful.

Juliana recruited renowned hypnotherapist Wayne Donnelly to create simple instructions for you to anchor your JOYful experiences to your AMATI piece.

If each of us incorporate JOY into our daily lives, imagine how we will together transform the world into a much more JOYful place.


Your friends at AMATI!